Close-Up Concepts New Videos

Electra Girl vs Brutalia (DCV 3)

Electra Girl Saves The World! (DCV 9)

Solar Flare vs. Glacier (DCV 16)

SHANNA, Jungle Princess (DCV 18)

The Adventures of Action Gal (DCV 23)

Action Gal vs Kitty Kurious! (DSH 01)

Humbled Heroines! (DSH 02)

The Detained Duo! (DSH 03)

Superheroine Submission! (DSH 04)

Harrowing Heroine Tales! (DSH 05)

Captured Crime Fighters (DSH 06)

Super Slaves! (DSH 07)

A Dynamic Double-Feature! (DSH 08)

Action Gal at Risk (DSH 09)

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