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Lady Justice

Glenda Wynn & Spellbinder



Harmony's web page is at www.harmonyconcepts.com and they can be reached via snail mail at:

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Darla Crane is Spellbinder in the TBE video series, UC-8 and UCS-1.

Spellbinder Vs. The Gagster (UC-8): Spellbinder tries to stop the Gagster (Julia Leahy) from taking over the world. Spellbinder is aided (sort of) by her cousin Glenda Wynn (Misty Hammond), a non-super-powered heroine wannabe.

Spellbinder Vs. The Dark Lady (UCS-1): Heroine-turned-villainess The Dark Lady (Kelly Nichols) coerces Spellbinder into helping her with her plan to conquer the world by kidnapping heiress/molecular physicist Gigi Lefleur.

Superheroines are featured in all the tapes of the TBE series. Dannielle Ashe appears as Virtuous Venus in TBE-4, TBE-5, TBE-7 and TBE-8.

In TBE-6 through TBE-8, Spellbinder appears in a few scenes, going toe-to-toe with Mistress Meow (Elise di Medici) and The Crooked Claw.

Simone Devon's superheroine "Shizzandra" appears in SDS-15 and SDS-23, although her appearance in the latter is rather brief.

Most of the stories for the superheroine videos except those listed below appeared in the magazines "Harmony's Heroines" #'s 1 & 2. Unfortunately, "Heroines" #1 is sold out and no longer available; the order # for "Heroines" #2 is H-549. UCS-1 is in "Bondage Adventures" #11, order # H-581. Clips from these videos are included on the Buyers' Guide tapes, BG-94 and BG-95B.

Tory Sinclair plays Atomic Woman in VB-2. Photos from this video appear in "Love Bondage Gallery" #25.

Allison Brach (Greta Carlson) appears as Spellbinder in videos UC-4 and UC-6. Scenes from these tapes appear on BG-92.

Kelly Ashton appears as the superheroine Maiden America in UC-15, "Maiden America Vs. The Sinister Seductrix." Photos from this video are featured in "Bondage Life" #68. Clips from this tape can be seen on BG-97A.

Lady Justice (a character seen in TBE-1 & 2) will be played by Devin Demoore, and newcomer Brandi Young will portray her partner, Mighty Midnight, in "The Mighty Duo Vs. Vice." This tape (UC-16) will be available in October.


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