Ms Americana & Flag Girl Story Part 1 by Kace

It had been a long day at work for Dana King, fresh from reporting the
latest news at the TV station. Deep down she wanted to go out and fight
the evil as the masked Flag Girl, but tonight, she knew that she would
need to rest up. She had one more day of work, then a two week vacation
that she would spend enforcing justice. She had even been hit on that
day by a girl named Trixie, one of her assisstants. To this very
moment, Dana felt a little uncomfortable being hit on by another woman.

One last look at her emails then some rest. But when Dana looked in her
inbox file, she saw a letter with a topic, "Flag Girl's identity." Dana
had received emails before from people asking if she knew who Flag Girl
really was. But when she opened it, the message read, "I know who you
are. Your secret is out. If you want your identity kept secret, then
meet me at the old abandoned apartment building tomorrow night. Dana
had a look of shock. She couldn't believe it. Maybe someone was just
bluffing and they really didn't know. Nevertheless, she was concerned.
She called the one person she knew could help her out. She called
Brenda Wade who was out keeping the streets safe as the mysterious
masked Ms. Americana.

The phone rang four times before the answering machine came on. At the
beep, Dana left her message.

"Brenda, it's me Dana. I need to talk to you tomorrow. It's about....a
masked woman."

She hung up the phone and stared at the email message. How much more
did this person know? Was Flag Girl's identity really in danger?

Part 2

After a near sleepless night and a day of dealing with work and plotting
what to do about her situation, with Brenda Wade's help, Dana was now
donned in her Flag Girl costume. Her ally, Brenda was with as Ms
Americana. Together, they were known as a force to be reckoned with.
Tonight, they planned that this would be no different. Whoever it was
that sent the email, the costumed crimefighters rationalized it was one
lonely person who needed to be taught a lesson. And although Ms
Americana never received the same message, both assumed that other women
had probably received the email as well.

In any event, they had arrived at an abandoned apartment complex on the
outskirts of town. Ms Americana lead the way down a dark hallway. Some
light was spotted on the floor, coming from underneath a closed door.
This had to be where the person was located.

"This must be it," said Ms Americana, pointing towards the door.

"Let's get whoever this guy is and let him know that it's wrong to pick
on our friends in the media," Flag Girl said with a smirk.

Ms Americana looked back at Flag Girl. "You are the media."

Flag Girl replied, "Yeah, but he might not know that."

An envelope slid from under the door at the heroines' feet. Flag Girl
kneeled down to pick it up, but when she opened it, a strange sort of
smoke came from it and hit directly into Flag Girl's face. Startled, Ms
Americana took the envelope and threw it aside, realizing that this may
be a trap. Flag Girl was now unconsious and Ms Americana crouched down
to make sure that her partner was still breathing, which she was. Now
upset, Ms Americana stood up and forced the door open with a hard swift
kick. Upon entering the room, she could see a woman holding a small
device in her right hand. The device had a button that was then pushed
by the woman, wearing a small black mask and an evil smile. Ms
Americana was about to lunge at her when a web type trap fell from the
ceiling right on the heroine, knocking her down. Struggling to free
herself, she met with some kicks and stomps from the mysterious
villainess. Ms Americana was now out cold, just like her partner who
was still lying prone on the hallway floor.

Part 3

When the two heroines awake, they find themselves each strapped to a
chair, sitting side by side. The masked woman who lead them to this
trap has numerous videcameras set up in the apartment, all of which are

"It seems I have you right where I want you," said the unknown
villainess. "I've been dreaming of this moment for so long. Here you
both are, two proud superheroines tied helpless at my will. This is too
good. I had a feeling it would only be you Flag Girl, but I prepared
for both of you just in case."

Flag Girl and Ms Americana want to answer back, but they've both been
ballgagged. Their responses sound like simple, "Mmmmrrrphhs," lost to
the idea of sound words. The villainess walks up behind Ms Americana.

"You," said the villainess. "I've heard about you. You use your attire
to reel in the bad guys, then you attack them. Well, that didn't work
this time, did it? I'm glad I have you now, because you do look kinda
sexy." She then turns her attention to Flag Girl. "But you, I've been
looking forward to this moment for so long now. I've seen you before
and although I can't say ths for your friend over there, I do know who
you are and you just may know who I am." She kisses Flag Girl softly on
the left cheek and works her hands down the helpless heroine's chest.
The villainess then pulls back on Flag Girl's top, exposing her breasts.

Flag Girl's eyes widen in terror. Who knows what this madwoman has in
mind to do to her? Ms Americana is trying desperatley to free herself.
The villainess sees this and viciously slaps her across the face,
followed by a backhand. This stops Ms Americana's movement. The
villainess grabs Ms Americana's long hair, pulling it fiercely and with
contempt. "Don't move," she says very coldly. Still holding back her
hair with her left hand, the villainess decides to have a little fun.

"Let's compare," says the villainess almost mischeviously, a childish
smile on her face. She relinquishes her hold on Ms Americana's hair,
focusing now on the mammaries of Flag Girl. She plays with them as Flag
Girl tries to shrug out of it helplessly. The villainess grows excited,
licking the poor heroines face in a gentle stroke, and then with a smile
says, "Nice." She then looks at Ms Americana. "Now what about yours?"
She moves her hands over to Ms Americana's top, pulling it up, now
freeing her breasts and begins fondling them with conviction. Such
joy is flowing through the villainess that she begins laughing during
the molestation.

Ms Americana is shaking her head in terror, while a soft whimper can
almost be heard from Flag Girl, whose eyes are closed, wishing this was
all some bad dream that she could just wake up from. But this nightmare
was just beginning. The worst was yet to come.

Part 4

An hour passed in the time the masked villainess had played with and
groped the breasts of the helpless and bound heroines. During that
time, she also made sure to put in fresh tapes into each camcorder so
that she could continue recording the torture she was enjoying giving

"And now," the villainess said, "we're really going to have some fun."
She picked up a small box that was on the floor and opened it. Inside
was a small collection of siringe needles that one would find at a

"One of my clients is a doctor," she said. "He's been secretly working
on a formula for the last several years that controls the movements of
another person through speech. One night he wasn't able to pay me so he
offered me some test serums in trade. And you know what? They work."

Ms Americana and Flag Girl look confused and also cautious. There's no
telling where this is going to lead as far as they know.

The villainess continued, "I've tested a few of these on some others and
they work like a charm. Oh in case you're wondering how it works, I'll
exlplain it to you. After all it's not like you have anywhere else to
go." The villainess smiles as the bound heroines snarl.

"By injecting this needle into your veins, I take control of your body.
What that means is that if I want you to punch the wall, then I'll tell
you to. And you will, no matter how much you tell yourself not to.
Your mind will be able to operate as normal. You will be able to spout
protests to my demands, but it won't matter, because you will still do
as I say. And I have some really nice ideas for you two."

She sets the box aside, removing from it two needles full of the serum
and walks to Ms Americana and Flag Girl, who are still squirming trying
to loosen themselves from their bound state in their chairs. Despite
the squirming, the masked villainess is able to inject the serum into
their veins, through the arms. Seconds later, both heroines stop
squirming and slump in their chairs. When they wake up, they will find
themselves no longer bound in their chairs, but the torture is still not
over. Only the villainess stands between them and the doorway out.

Part 5

Both heroines feel groggy as they attempt to stand, but the villainess
says, "Stop," and their bodies freeze into position.

"What the....what's going on?" asks Flag Girl.

Ms Americana, asking demandingly, "What have you done to us?"

The masekd villainess is now holding one of the camcorders at shoulder

"Stand up straight and don't move until I say to," says the villainess
with a smirk.

The bodies of the heroines comply to the demand. Both have an uneasy
facial expression. How much worse will this get, they both ponder. The
villainess lets them know immediately.

"Now I have been curious all night about something," thinks the
villainess aloud. "Both of you look so lovely with your masks on. How
about with your masks off?"

"No! Please don't do that, not the masks," pleads Flag Girl.

"You cannot remove our masks!" yells Ms Americana. "That's ludicrous!
Stop this madness now!"

The pleas and demands fall on deaf ears as the villainess commands both
heroines to remove the other's mask in front of the camera. The
villainess is laughing as each heroine is unmasked by the other.

The camcorder is focused on Flag Girl's face as her identity is unveiled
for the whole world. The masked villainess proclaims, "Flag Girl as I
already knew, is indeed none other than Dana King, local news anchor!"
The villainess takes much delight in the look of absolute fear on Flag
Girl AKA Dana's face. Then camcorder peers over to Ms Americana, as her
face is unmasked.

"And the mighty Ms Americana is...." the villainess stops to look at the
heroine's unmasked face, not totally believing the person she nows sees
standing before her. "Brenda Wade!? Holy shit!!!!" exclaims the
villainess in pure excitement. This evening was turning out to be more
pleasant than she thought it might be. The same could not be said for
the now exposed heroines.

"Now," demanded the masked villainess, "I want the two of you to put on
a nice little show for my audience."

The look of terror on the heroines' faces are unequaled to anything

"Now you're both going to undress one another," the villainess orders.

Both heroines bodily comply as they try to protest verbally. The
villainess ends the verbal assault by ordering them to kiss each other
passionately while undressing and now groping each other. By the time
both are totally in the nude, they each have a look of absolute defeat.
Never before have they known embarassment such as this. They may never
be able to don the heroine idnentities again after tonight, especially
if these tapes are released to the whole world.

Both helpless heroines begin laying into each other's tongues full force
at the command of the videotaping villainess. Will this nightmare ever
stop? Will they have to endure endless blackmailing for the rest of
their lives? Will they become nothing more than simple sexual
playthings to this mysterious woman holding the camcorder?

Only time will tell.

The end????

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