Ms Americana vs The Bounder

Ms Americana: The Bounder      photography by KY      starring Blaize      text by KY
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Ms Americana our heroine who supports all that is good and right was after the villain know as the Bounder. She had found his hideout and had late that arrived that night hoping to catch him of guard.

She entered the old warehouse and was making her way down the darkened corridor. Still no sign of anyone which meant her she still had the element of surprise. She reached the door of the office and very quietly opened the door. Upon entering the poorly lit room to see some strange wooden device at the other end of the room.

She started to move forward when from behind a cloth was slammed over mouth and nose "Mnnnn!" she screamed. Instinctively, she began to try to fight of the attacker. But the strong fouling-selling rag was very strong and she felt herself weakened under the effect of the chloroform. Her ability to fight of her attacker weakened as she started to black out and slipped into darkness....

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